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Episode 79. In which I talk about science.

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Last weekend we were at the pub, talking about gardens and allotments.  Our new flat has a little garden with it that we are intending to use to grow vegetables and some fruit maybe and we have friends with allotments, so we were talking about how to go about things.  Of course there were some comments made regarding manure and after one particularly inappropriate one someone mentioned that you can’t use faeces with meat products in it.  Apparently only poo from a vegetarian (person or animal) can be used as fertiliser.

My first thought, and therefore the first question out of my mouth was, what if you feed a horse a sausage?

Surely, if you feed a horse a sausage, its poo is no longer useful as manure.  But what I want to know is, what happens when the manure from that horse is sold on to a bunch of organic farms, does their crop fail, or do they just not grow properly, or do they mutate, or what?

On the subject of science, we are currently watching Deep Blue Sea, which is one of the best films ever.  Let’s face it, Samuel L Jackson rocks, and any film in which he gets eaten in the middle of giving an inspirational speech has something that most films don’t.  Also, LL Cool J hiding in an oven and the genetically engineered shark turning on the gas was quite spectacular.

Anyway, science is cool.

Diabetic moment of the day

I didn’t have one today, although I didn’t eat anything until after we’d finished cleaning the old flat (I went there at 10am and didn’t wear my watch, by the time I got home it was gone 2pm, that place is spotless) so when I checked my blood sugar it was at the point where if I’d gone much longer I probably would’ve gone symptomatic.  Timing, eh?


Episode 22. In which I go back to work.

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I was not looking forward to going back to work today.  I’m not a holiday person.  I get tired, my commute to work wears me out and I really need a rest from time to time.  The weekend just doesn’t do it, I’m just tired enough to be unable to do anything but doing nothing doesn’t give me enough rest.  So every so often I take a couple of days off, a long weekend, between that and the bank holidays it gets me through.

I can’t handle more than a week off at a time, because if I do then it is incredibly hard for me to get back into work mode.  I don’t mean just as hard is it is for everyone, I know nobody likes having to get up for work the first morning after the end of a holiday.  I start dreading it pretty much as soon as I wake up on the third day of the holiday.  And I don’t function properly for the first day or two back in the office.  I get things done, I do my job, I’m not completely useless, but, for example, if I’m asked an unexpected question, or a complicated question, or a question in several parts, I might have to write it down and stare at it for a few minutes before I can come up with an answer.

Luckily today was alright, I wasn’t fully functional but the office was quiet (who goes back to work on January 2nd?  Scotland has it right with the extra bank holiday).  We also tried to go out for lunch.  For the record, I really, really love Chi Noodle on Ludgate Circus, but I have no idea why they (and Wagamama) were shut today.  I know the City was quiet but it’s not a bank holiday, you’re just being lazy.

Luckily, it being Friday, I’ve got the weekend to recover.  It might only make it worse, I don’t know, but I might have to get up at 6am tomorrow and Sunday to try to get back into the routine.  It’s not like I’m useful on the weekends at the best of times.


I just found out that this blog (specifically Episode 13) is the top two hits if you google the words survivors + rubbish + ending.  If you add BBC to the search, I’m number 2 and the BBC is number 4.  This, to me, is hilarious.

Diabetic moment of the day

I had a bit of a hypo this afternoon.  Luckily we (as a department) were given a box of chocolates for Christmas so I saved my own life with a strawberry cream and two caramel barrels.  Om nom nom.

Episode 19. In which we discuss ancient alien civilisations.

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I was just flicking through the Fortean Times and a thought came to me.  I spent five minutes trying to explain it to My Man then remembered my “I’d only be talking over Top Gear” tagline (although right now it’s a Firefly marathon) and I thought I’d make it my blog post for today.

You know how, in sci-fi, there’s quite often an ancient alien civilisation involved?  Like, we suddenly find out that the whole time humanity has been evolving from primordial goo, we’ve been under surveillance by some terribly evolved, intelligent, civilised race of aliens, just waiting for us to be ready for First Contact.

Well what struck me is this.

We’re off out in the universe looking for planets with ice on them, or oxygen in the atmosphere, anything at all that might concievably support life in any form.  And we’re finding things out there that indicate we might one day find something.  Maybe not something that’s there, but something that’s possible.

What if we find some primordial goo?

What if we sit and watch that primordial goo, and over millenia, and ages, it evolves into something that one day, millions of years in the future, might be considered intelligent life?  Surely we’ll be evolving too, only with tens and hundreds and thousands of thousands of years of a head-start.  When we make contact, eventually, when they’re ready, by that time, won’t we be the ancient alien civilisation?

I kind of have to believe that if anyone was out there waiting to make contact with us they’d have done it by now.  I mean, we’re not perfect, but then perfection isn’t a point on the evolutionary scale, and it’s not something that humanity should be convinced is going to happen.  There are plenty of creatures that evolved and evolved and developed and evolved and then went extinct.  We can’t be certain that it won’t happen to us one day, and even if we manage to stay alive there’s no reason to believe we’ll reach some perfect state. So for this reason, I think if an ancient alien civilisation was watching us, and if they wanted to say hi, they’d have done it by now.  Probably in the fifties when the planet was trying to stay peaceful and was pretty well prepared for an alien invasion.  Or else around Roswell time.  A nice ancient civilisation would’ve been gratefully received, I’m sure.

Anyway, so what if the only ancient alien civilisation is us?  And I’m not talking Stargate: Atlantis ancients, I don’t mean humans that split off from the rest of us millenia ago and went off to start colonies, or humans that we split off from millenia ago and created Earth as a colony.  I mean aliens.  Someone who is not the same as us, who we are not the same as.

Let’s say there was someone out there watching us.  Right now, according to the movies, they’re pretty advanced, technologically, morally and probably physically.  But where were they, and what were they doing, all those millions of years ago when they first found the primordial goo that eventually became me?

Were they standing in the kitchen making tea and toast in their pyjamas?

Diabetic moment of the day

Not today, Josephine.  Random factoid.  Apparently my life expectancy, as a diabetic, is 4 to 8 years less than that of a non-diabetic.  There’s a bloody depressing thought.  Well, my great-granny lived to be 103.  I might be able to handle that.  My grandad was a diabetic, he lived to 93.  So there.  However, since that random factoid was found in an article that is otherwise utter bullshit, from a scientific point of view (ooh, if I cook my food too hot then it’ll poison me cos I’m diabetic), then let’s just ignore the whole concept.  So really, today’s diabetic moment is finding the kind of scaremongering bollocks that people can put on the internet and claim as fact.

Remember, folks, the internet is full of shit.