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Episode 101. In which I fail to find a handbag.

Posted in food, shopping, TV, weather on March 22, 2009 by diabetses

I want a new handbag.  I have a lot of bags but I want one that’s more grown-up, that’s big enough to hold all my stuff (purse, book, insulin kit etc) but not big enough to be considered comically oversized.  I saw one in Monsoon that was quite nice but I didn’t buy it, it wasn’t in the sale.  And now I need to find something similar but affordable.

Today I looked in a few places but didn’t see anything that came close.  I saw a bag I really liked but then realised it fell under the comically oversized category.  I have a business lunch later this week so I might have a look around the shops near work on Monday.

I did have a really pleasant walk around today with My Man, the sun was shining and although it was a bit nippy it was lovely to be out.  I stayed in bed for a long time this morning, just for the sake of being lazy, I watched loads of Supernatural on my laptop.

Diabetic moment of the day

Not that I can think of.  I really want a bowl of ice cream though.


Episode 100. In which I make a good day happen.

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First things first, I bloody did publish this yesterday, I sat and waited for ages while the little blue circle spun and then it told me that the post was published, and now it’s taking it back.  So screw you, WordPress, you’re really starting to piss me off.

And now for what I wrote yesterday.

I decided that today would be a good day.  I decided this a couple of days ago, but I really was pretty confident that I could make it happen.  And it turns out I was right.

We got up quite early and I went out for a pint of milk.  Then I spent a couple of hours pampering and preening, cleansing, toning and moisturising, and then I went out to the shops.  I just wanted to cheer myself up a bit, try on some pretty dresses, so I headed straight for Monsoon.  However, Monsoon happened to have a 50% off sale on at the moment, so I ended up buying a pretty dress.

This was quite an unnecessary treat for me so to make the day less selfish I went and got a load of cleaning products for the flat – we didn’t have a mop, and when we were cleaning the old flat before we handed back the keys I fell in love with the squeegee (?) so I went and got us one of those as well.

When I got home I just relaxed really.  Watched a load of telly.  Had a nice nap.  Watched some Supernatural and did a bit of paperwork, and then ate the gorgeous dinner My Man made for me and now we’re watching Bill Bailey.  V+ from last night.

And now I’m going to bed.  Nighty night.

Diabetic moment of the day

Not today, Josephine.  I’m all good.

Episode 86. In which I dye my eyelashes.

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There is such a thing as eyelash dye, believe it or not.  I got a kit a few years ago and it was quite good so when I was in Boots today looking to blow some Advantagecard points I got myself another one.

The dye lasts for about a month, and one kit will last for about a year.  You mix up the two ingredients into a paste, and then you put it onto your eyelashes and try not to rub your eyes for ten minutes.  It’s a pretty stupid concept and yet I like the effect.

It’s not a massive difference, but the thing is without any eye make-up I tend to look really washed out and exhausted, and whether I am or not, it’s not good to project that impression.  With dyed eyelashes there is a very slight, probably subconscious difference.  And when I wear mascara on top, it looks like proper eye make-up and not just what I managed to chuck on while the train was stopped outside Balcombe, or whatever.

As I finished typing the second paragraph above My Man got up, left the room, then came back asking me to shut my eyes and hold out my hand.  Now ordinarily I’d laugh at a request like that but feeling trusting I did it.  And when I opened my eyes, there was a little bottle of Sunshine yellow nail varnish in my hand.  Which he bought me, as a present, for no specific reason, other than he thought I’d like it.  There may have been something involved about proving a point to a friend, but the thing is, it was such a sweet thought that here I am, trying not to smudge the Sunshine yellow nail varnish that has not yet dried, grinning ear to ear.

Diabetic moment of the day

I got a bit shaky, just as I was about to serve up dinner.  There’s timing.

Episode 68. In which the day goes as planned, and yet does not.

Posted in day trips, food, home, people, rant, shopping with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on February 17, 2009 by diabetses

This morning, as planned, I had a little lie-in, then got up, watched Whitechapel, and went to the hospital for my diabetic retinal neuropathy screening. What happens there is that you get drops put in your eyes that make your pupils dilate, and then they take digital photos of your retinas, which are examined for any indication that your diabetes is blinding you. I’ve had it done before, the drops sting a little bit but no more than getting dust in your eye, the flass does go off right in your eye and as with all photography of me, I always blink and ruin it so they have to do it repeatedly.

This morning, they didn’t bother with the drops. I’m not sure what that means, the woman (doctor, nurse, technician, I don’t know, and didn’t ask) said my eyes were fine as they were. She said it was probably because I’m quite young (30 in four months, thank you very much) and they might change over time. Which still doesn’t really make sense because I was younger a year and a half ago than I am now. And I was even younger still a year before that, when they first did it.

Anyway, I’m not complaining, just curious. The drops take about half an hour to work properly so that saved me a bit of time hanging around, and I already had a bit of a headache this morning (from working so hard yesterday, no doubt) and I was worried about messing with my vision given that it was looking at stuff that was hurting.

Yay me and my youthful dilatable pupils.

When I was done at the hospital I went to the station, because today was the day for my big Ikea Croydon daytrip. I love Ikea, it’s fun, it’s like being in a sweetshop, only with cushions and throws and cutlery and things.  However, the Ikea at Croydon is really, really rubbish.  There was nothing fun at all, I specifically tried to find something to buy to treat myself and there was nothing.  The closest I got to a comfort-purchase was a big knitted throw, but I didn’t get it, on the grounds that if I want a knitted throw I’ll bloody well knit myself one.

It was a very long morning, all that nonsense and I was still home by half two.

Which is lucky because the furniture for our new flat was delivered early – the company asked if they could deliver it early and we said yes, because of the yay new furniture factor.

However, I am now utterly knackered.  I should’ve had a nap earlier but I was busy doing god knows what (nothing productive, it seems) and now it’s nearly teatime.  The one advantage to the ridiculous Ikea trip was at least I got us meatballs.  Om nom nom.

Incidentally, I’m pretty fed up of the people usptairs and their damned keep-fit-by-jumping-around-on-their-creaky-floor bullshit, I can’t wait to move.

Diabetic moment of the day

I nearly used the diabetes card today, at the train station I went to buy myself breakfast – there was a crowd of teenaged boys at the counter in the shop (I forget what it’s called, one of these places where they bake their own bread then put fillings in it) so I stood at the end of what looked like a queue.  However, as soon as the boys were served and went on their way, some skinny little bitch ran up to the counter guy and demanded the last sausage sandwich (which I had my eye on) and then some fat wanker who got there after me started shouting about what he wanted.  So I said (plenty audibly), FUCK THIS and left.  Unfortunately I ended up with a vegetable fucking samosa for breakfast because there are no other breakfast type places in the station that don’t make all their options with a kilo of sugar.

I know I’m a bit of a cow at the best of times but a queue’s a queue and I cannot abide queuejumping, especially not when it’s so bare-faced and shameless.  I genuinely believe that in that situation I should be legally allowed to grab the offending parties by the throat and throw them through a window.  It’s only fair.

Episode 54. In which I finally get my new handset, and have a great dinner.

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I finally got my new handset!

Yesterday (Monday) I went to the Orange shop but they didn’t have the handset I wanted in stock.  This lunchtime I went to the Orange shop nearest to my office, but they were all locked up with the lights off.  I was pretty fed up and went up Fleet Street to the next nearest branch, and if they were shut too I had every intention of crossing the road to Vodafone, as I’ve mentioned before.

However, not only was the Fleet Street Orange shop open, but the manager (I assume, he was very authoritative) had the handset I wanted himself, and let me play with it.  Well, he let the sales guy play with it and while I watched.  So I went for it, and got it, and now I have a very beautiful silver black Samsung Tocco.

The trains were running this morning but absolutely crammed full of people, because they were running every half hour instead of every ten minutes or so.  One of the best things about living in Brighton is getting on the train at the first stop, and being practically guaranteed a seat on the train.  I made myself a flask of hot tea to bring for the journey, just in case we were delayed.  As it turns out we were delayed, but I didn’t need my flask of tea – and it’s just as well, because I left it on the coffee table at home.

Anyway, I survived the day, and when I got home My Man cooked my dinner – it was a lovely quick one, which was perfect because sometimes taking an hour and a half to cook dinner leaves you barely enough time to eat it before falling asleep and it jsut removes any illusion of free time.  He fried up some chorizo-style sausage that he got at the Open Market and fried it up in chilli tomato sauce with chopped up peppers, and then served it all up with gnocchi.  It was lovely, and spicy and tasty, and I ate it an hour and a half ago yet here I am, still awake.

However, not for long.  I know I’m a good touch-typist because I typed the last three sentences whilst yawning so hard my eyes were shut.

Diabetic moment of the day

I had to get up and eat some Haribo at about 1.30am.

Episode 51. In which I nearly get run over, after a very productive morning.

Posted in shopping, TV with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 31, 2009 by diabetses

I went to the shop a little while ago, we’re nearly out of Diet Coke and I wanted to get more.  When I got to the crossing point I pushed the little button and waited for the green man.  The light turned red and the cars stopped, but just as I was stepping off the pavement a cyclist flew through the lights anyway.  I looked right at him, made eye contact as I do when I nearly get run over.  He saw me, looked right at me, kept his head held high and mouthed something at me.  I was all set to stand in the road shouting obscenities after him, til my brain processed what it had lipread – “oops, sorry“.

So, Mr Cyclist, if ever you read this (which, let’s face it, he won’t), don’t worry about it.  I’ve walked out into traffic plenty of times, everyone makes mistakes.  And there are plenty as wouldn’t bother apologising.  It’s appreciated.

I had a productive morning today, and I’m planning on continuing on that theme as soon as this is published.  We got up and did some tidying this morning, the place isn’t spotless by any means but it looks like it’s lived in by, what’s the word… weirdos.  You know, those people that always hang up their coat when they get home from work, and never leave the post on the coffee table, and make the bed every morning, all that stuff.

We went round to our new flat and collected the tenancy agreement and the keys.  We’re not officially moving in until 1st March but we’re allowed to go and bring bits and pieces round, which is very cool.   I paid extra close attention this time so I’d knoww here all the radiators and everything are.  For more efficient obsessing-over-furniture-placement.

We went round to Carphone Warehouse and I had a look at the two handsets I’m trying to choose between for my free Orange upgrade.  The guy in the shop recommended the Samsung Tocco, while I like the look of the LG Viewty.  The problem is I’m really fussy about my handsets, I love the way the Viewty looks but if I don’t like the workings I will always regret getting it – I have a Sony Ericsson that I never use because I could never get the hang of it.  The Samsung Tocco is my second choice, I don’t hate it by any means but I don’t like it to look at just quite as much as the Viewty.  However, I know Samsung, I like Samsung, and I won’t hate it just because it doesn’t make sense to me.  So Samsung Tocco it is, and bring it on.  That is my Monday lunchtime mission, and hopefully by Tuesday I will be blogging all about how wonderful it is.

After the Carphone Warehouse we went and got the papers, and food for the weekend – we’re out tonight and I’m hoping we eat out, but tomorrow is Sunday and I’m not moving.  You can’t make me.  We got ourselves a chicken to roast (mmm, and it’s even from an RSPCA inspected farm) and bacon and black pudding so brunch is sorted.  Sunday is meat day chez moi.

We came home and I went for the Diet Coke, as well as vegetables, because we have an excellent Turkish supermarket type place nearby – it’s ten times better than Co-op and Spar and from what I can make out, the same price or cheaper.

Then My Man went to the pub so I watched Grey’s Anatomy (the new series) and now he’s napping so I’m watchingS Supernatural.

Jensen Ackles.

Thank you, may I have another?

Diabetic moment of the day

None so far.  I’m cracking open a new Novorapid flexpen for dinner, does that count?

Episode 48. In which I get the brownie points.

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Today got crazy mad hectic, I worked my arse off, and managed to keep several people happy despite everyone being on very tight deadlines.  I am very happy with how the day went.

Then, in what may be some form of karma, Dave Gorman added me on Twitter.  Let me get this straight, I didn’t follow him first.  Dave Gorman, for no apparent reason, is now following me on Twitter.  I’m following him back, just to see whether he has anything interesting to say.  I think in a situation like Twitter people are likely to be more interesting than everyday people, because it’s like reading the best five sentences of your day.  Anyway, I am now on his Following list alongside Jonathan Ross and Brent Spiner.  I will admit that I get a bigger kick out of Brent Spiner than Wossy.  Data rocks, baby.  And I am now stalking (following, whatever) Stephen Fry.

I also went into the Orange shop in a last ditch attempt to get them to give me something better to convince me to renew my contract, and as it turns out the shop has WAY better deals than the internet.  The internet is such a liar.

All in all it’s been an interesting day.

Diabetic moment of the day

I forgot to shoot up at lunchtime, and by the time I remembered my blood sugar was fine anyway.  Weird.