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Episode 115. In which I cough so hard I sprain my appendix.

Posted in general health with tags , , , on December 10, 2009 by diabetses

I’m not well, and I’m going to whine about it.  This is my blog, and therefore the perfect place to do so.
OK, I’ve already whined about it all over the internet, and I actually did cough through Top Gear, but I don’t care, I stumbled across the perfect blog post title and so here we go.  You heard it here last.

Last Monday I got a tickly throat and then spent half an hour sitting on the platform at Haywards Heath freezing the very marrow in my bones cos someone claimed there was a dog on the track.  I don’t get proper colds very often, though, and I’ve only ever had flu once and I’ve had both seasonal and flu jabs so I really thought if I just got indoors and warmed up, had a good dinner and got a good night’s sleep I’d be fine.

However, I woke up on Tuesday feeling like I had slept on a park bench.  I hurt, my head was full of cold, I couldn’t think straight, so I stayed home from work, wrapped up warm and only went out to go to Boots for drugs and Co-op for lots and lots of soup and juice.

I felt a lot better on Wednesday but by Friday was really worn out and stayed home again, which was lucky because on Friday my head cold turned into a nasty cough.

Now it’s Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning) and as it turns out the nasty cough is a chest infection, and having found decreased breath sounds in my left lung, a lovely doctor at the private clinic that my employer has a contract with has given me antibiotics.

Which is all well and good, but as well as the cough, there is also the fact that I am *knackered*.

For almost a week now I’ve been sleeping in ten-minute bouts between waking myself up coughing.  Roughly every 45 minutes I have a full-on hardcore coughing fit that wakes me up fully and has me sitting up, drinking water, catching my breath.


The reason I’m still awake right now is because I’m trying to wear myself out, in the hope that maybe I’ll sleep through some of the lesser throat tickles, or maybe the sleep I get in between will be of a better quality.

Whatever, I can’t get much more tired, it’s worth a risk.

Diabetic moment of the day

I’m taking insulin like it’s going out of fashion, did you know that the active ingredients in some cough mixtures are basically just sugar?  I imagine it’s meant to coat your throat with syrupy goo to douse any tickles that might cause discomfort.  In fact it just tastes relatively pleasant and then it goes away.



Episode 93. In which I sleep a lot.

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OK, I failed to blog again yesterday, but cheer up, this means you get two episodes today.  Although this first one’s crap.  Catch-up blogs are always crap.  Sorry.

I slept yesterday.  In the afternoon, I had a nap.  A three-hour nap.  Now, I’ve had whole nights where I got less sleep than that, and since I don’t tend to nap anyway, that was a pretty huge sleep.  I’m putting it down to the cold, which is being a bit weird.  I’m feeling absolutely fine some of the time (well, coldy but fine in myself), and then I’ll suddenly feel like I’ve inhaled some kind of nerve gas.  There was a worry yesterday that I had become allergic to Becks.  But don’t worry, I drank the rest of the bottle and I’m fine now.

Anyway, I’m always behind on my sleep so I’m not complaining, but me sleeping for long periods of time during the day is unusual.

Not like when I was at university.  When I was at university, I once took seven naps in one day.  That was quite a hungover day, that was.  Oh yes.

Diabetic moment of the day

I just can’t get my sugars straight.  I’ve heard that when you’re ill your sugars can go a bit haywire but I’ve not experienced it before.  I’ve been ill since I got the diabetes, worse than I am now by far, but my sugars never went so mental.  Every time I check my blood right now it’s a couple of points higher than it should be, but when I take insulin it’s throwing it back too low and I’m getting hypos.  It’s very frustrating.  But I’m trying.

Episode 91. In which I have an elephant sitting on my chest.

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It seems my half-face cold has evolved somewhat.  I now have a very slightly less horrible headcold (it’s still nasty but my sinuses are less broken-glassy) but it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest.  I can breathe, nothing’s rattling, but it doesn’t feel nice, it feels heavy, it feels like I took my bronchii out for a 50K run this morning and then they just dropped straight to the ground for a nap.  Now they’re trying to walk home but they’re all stiff and heavy and sore.

I have old man bronchii.

They match my old man knees.  Which crack every time I stand up.  Fascinating fact for the day, right there.

Diabetic moment of the day

I went to get a diet coke today from the vending machine, and they only had caffeine free diet coke.  I’ll buy the sugarfree shit, I have no choice, but take the caffeine out as well and what’s left?  Nothing but bubbles.  I’m not paying 50p for a can of bubbles.

Episode 90. In which I’m still talking like the guy out of the Tunes advert.

Posted in general health with tags , , , , , , , on March 11, 2009 by diabetses

This is not the most interesting thing that’s happened to me today, but it’s the only thing I have the energy to write about.

Half of my face is still all blocked up, and I am being mocked for the way I talk. Which is fair enough, I’m making myself want to take the piss out of myself as well.

I’m popping Sudafed and Nurofen at every opportunity, though, I’ll be fine.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I had to check my blood sugar on the train, I got some very funny looks.  Probably thought I was just a really organised weirdo.

Episode 88. In which I have half a cold.

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By half a cold, I don’t mean I’m only a little bit sniffly, and a little bit sneezy.  I don’t mean I’m sneezy but not sniffly, or vice versa.

What I mean by half a cold is that the right side of my face is blocked up, my right sinus is tickly and full of crap, and the left side is absolutely clear and fine.

This is irritating.

Also, I just blew my nose and went deaf.

Diabetic moment of the day

I got a massive papercut across two of my fingertips earlier, and they immediately welled up bubbles of blood.  And my first thought was that they’d have been perfect for checking my sugars, but I probably couldn’t get my kit out without smudging them.